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[smlnj] View of /sml/trunk/src/cm/depend/reachable.sml
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View of /sml/trunk/src/cm/depend/reachable.sml

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Revision 569 - (download) (annotate)
Tue Mar 7 04:01:07 2000 UTC (19 years, 10 months ago) by blume
File size: 5145 byte(s)
- size info in BOOTLIST
     * no fixed upper limits for number of bootfiles or length of
       bootfile names in runtime
     * falling back to old behavior if no BOOTLIST size info found
- allocation size heuristics in .run-sml
     * tries to read cache size from /proc/cpuinfo (this is important for
        small-cache Celeron systems!)
- install.sh robustified
- CM manual updates
- paranoid mode
     * no more CMB.deliver() (i.e., all done by CMB.make())
     * can re-use existing sml.boot.* files
     * init.cmi now treated as library
     * library stamps for consistency checks
- sml.boot.<arch>-<os>/PIDMAP file
     * This file is read by the CM startup code.  This is used to minimize
       the amount of dynamic state that needs to be stowed away for the
       purpose of sharing between interactive system and user code.
- CM.Anchor.anchor instead of CM.Anchor.{set,cancel}
     * Upon request by Elsa.  Anchors now controlled by get-set-pair
       like most other CM state variables.
- Compiler.CMSA eliminated
     * No longer supported by CM anyway.
- fixed bugs in pickler that kept biting Stefan
     * past refs to past refs (was caused by the possibility that
       ad-hoc sharing is more discriminating than hash-cons sharing)
     * integer overflow on LargeInt.minInt
- ml-{lex,yacc} build scripts now use new mechanism
  for building standalone programs
- fixed several gcc -Wall warnings that were caused by missing header
  files, missing initializations, etc., in runtime (not all warnings
  eliminated, though)
 * Get the set of reachable SNODEs in a given dependency graph.
 * (C) 1999 Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories
 * Author: Matthias Blume (blume@kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp)
signature REACHABLE = sig
    (* These two functions simply give you the set of (non-stable)
     * modules reachable from some root and the fringe of stable
     * modules that surrounds the non-stable portion. *)
    val reachable' :
	DependencyGraph.sbnode list -> SmlInfoSet.set * StableSet.set
    val reachable : GroupGraph.group -> SmlInfoSet.set * StableSet.set

    (* "snodeMap" gives us handles at arbitrary points within the (non-stable)
     * portion of a dependency graph.
     * This is used by "slave" mode compiler. *)
    val snodeMap : GroupGraph.group -> DependencyGraph.snode SrcPathMap.map

    (* Given a library (or group) g, "groupsOf g" gets the set of
     * subgroups (but not sub-libraries) of that group.  The result
     * will include the argument itself. *)
    val groupsOf : GroupGraph.group -> SrcPathSet.set

    (* Given an arbitrary group graph rooted at group g, "stableLibsOf g"
     * gets the set of stable libraries reachable from g. *)
    val stableLibsOf : GroupGraph.group -> GroupGraph.group SrcPathMap.map

    (* Given a "closed" subset of (non-stable) nodes in a dependency graph,
     * "frontier" gives you the set of frontier nodes of that set.  The
     * closed set is given by its indicator function (first argument).
     * ("closed" means that if a node's ancestors are all in
     * the set, then so is the node itself.  A frontier node is a node that
     * is in the set but either not all of its ancestors are or the node
     * is an export node.) *)
    val frontier : (BinInfo.info -> bool) -> GroupGraph.group -> StableSet.set

structure Reachable :> REACHABLE = struct
    structure DG = DependencyGraph
    structure GG = GroupGraph

	fun reach ops (export_nodes: DG.sbnode list) = let
	    val { add, member, empty } = ops
	    fun snode (x as DG.SNODE n, (known, stabfringe)) = let
		val { smlinfo = i, localimports = l, globalimports = g } = n
		if member (known, i) then (known, stabfringe)
		else foldl farsbnode
		           (foldl snode (add (known, i, x), stabfringe) l)
	    and farsbnode ((_, n), ksf) = sbnode (n, ksf)
	    and sbnode (DG.SB_BNODE (DG.BNODE n, _), (known, stabfringe)) =
		(known, StableSet.add (stabfringe, #bininfo n))
	      | sbnode (DG.SB_SNODE n, ksf) = snode (n, ksf)
	    foldl sbnode (empty, StableSet.empty) export_nodes

	fun snodeMap' (exports: DG.impexp SymbolMap.map, acc) = let
	    fun add (m, i, x) = SrcPathMap.insert (m, SmlInfo.sourcepath i, x)
	    fun member (m, i) = SrcPathMap.inDomain (m, SmlInfo.sourcepath i)
	    #1 (reach { add = add, member = member, empty = acc }
		      (map (#2 o #1) (SymbolMap.listItems exports)))
	val reachable' =
	    reach { add = fn (s, i, _) => SmlInfoSet.add (s, i),
		    member = SmlInfoSet.member,
		    empty = SmlInfoSet.empty }

	fun reachable (GG.GROUP { exports, ... }) =
	              reachable' (map (#2 o #1) (SymbolMap.listItems exports))

	fun snodeMap g = let
	    fun snm (g, (a, seen)) = let
		val GG.GROUP { exports, sublibs, grouppath, ... } = g
		if SrcPathSet.member (seen, grouppath) then (a, seen)
		else foldl (fn ((_, g), x) => snm (g, x))
		           (snodeMap' (exports, a),
			    SrcPathSet.add (seen, grouppath))
	    #1 (snm (g, (SrcPathMap.empty, SrcPathSet.empty)))

	fun groupsOf g = let
	    fun subgroups (GG.GROUP { kind = GG.NOLIB sg, ... }) = sg
	      | subgroups (GG.GROUP { kind = GG.LIB (_, sg), ... }) = sg
	      | subgroups _ = []
	    fun go (g as GG.GROUP { grouppath, ... }, a) = let
		val sgl = subgroups g
		fun sl ((p, g as GG.GROUP { kind = GG.NOLIB _, ... }), a) =
		    if SrcPathSet.member (a, p) then a else go (g, a)
		  | sl (_, a) = a
		SrcPathSet.add (foldl sl a sgl, grouppath)
	    go (g, SrcPathSet.empty)

	fun stableLibsOf (g as GG.GROUP { grouppath, ... }) = let
	    fun slo ((p, g), (seen, res)) = let
		val GG.GROUP { kind, sublibs, ... } = g
		if SrcPathSet.member (seen, p) then (seen, res)
		else let
		    val (seen, res) = foldl slo (seen, res) sublibs
		    val seen = SrcPathSet.add (seen, p)
		    case kind of
			GG.STABLELIB _ => (seen, SrcPathMap.insert (res, p, g))
		      | _ => (seen, res)
	    #2 (slo ((grouppath, g), (SrcPathSet.empty, SrcPathMap.empty)))

	fun frontier inSet (GG.GROUP { exports, ... }) = let
	    fun bnode (DG.BNODE n, (seen, f)) = let
		val i = #bininfo n
		val li = #localimports n
		if StableSet.member (seen, i) then (seen, f)
		else let
		    val seen = StableSet.add (seen, i)
		    if inSet i then (seen, StableSet.add (f, i))
		    else foldl bnode (seen, f) li
	    fun get_bn (((_, DG.SB_BNODE (n, _)), _), bnl) = n :: bnl
	      | get_bn (_, bnl) = bnl
	    val bnl = SymbolMap.foldl get_bn [] exports
	    #2 (foldl bnode (StableSet.empty, StableSet.empty) bnl)

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