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View of /sml/trunk/src/cml/doc/ML-Doc/porting.mldoc

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Thu May 28 21:30:17 1998 UTC (22 years, 1 month ago) by monnier
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<!-- porting.mldoc -->


<COPYRIGHT OWNER="Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies" YEAR=1998>
<COPYRIGHT OWNER="AT&AMP;T Bell Laboratories" YEAR=1995>
<TITLE>Porting old programs</TITLE>

<HEAD>Porting old CML programs</HEAD>

There have been substantial changes from version&nbsp;0.9.8 of &CML;.
Most of these changes are cosmetic name changes meant to track
changes in the &SML; interfaces, and to rationalize naming conventions.
In this section, we detail the changes to the &CML; interfaces, and
describe correspondence between the old and new interfaces.

<HEAD>Backwards compatibility modules</HEAD>
To ease the transition from version&nbsp;0.9.8 of &CML; to the new
interfaces, we provide two backwards compatibility modules in the
&CML; Library.

<HEAD>Name changes</HEAD>
  <TR><TD><IDREF/accept/	<TD><VALREF STRID="CML"/recv/
  <TR><TD><IDREF/receive/	<TD><VALREF STRID="CML"/recvEvt/
  <TR><TD><IDREF/transmit/	<TD><VALREF STRID="CML"/sendEvt/
  <TR><TD><IDREF/timout/	<TD><VALREF STRID="CML"/timeOutEvt/
  <TR><TD><IDREF/waitUntil/	<TD><VALREF STRID="CML"/atTimeEvt/
  <TR><TD><IDREF/threadWait/	<TD><VALREF STRID="CML"/joinEvt/
  <TR><TD><IDREF/sameThread/	<TD><VALREF STRID="CML"/sameTid/

The most significant changes to the &CML; interfaces have to do with
input/output operations.
In version&nbsp;0.9.8, the structure <IDREF/CIO/ provided an implementation
of the &SMLNJ; <IDREF/IO/ signature extended with event-valued operations.
The old &SML; I/O interface has been replaced with a new interface, which is
described in the <DOCREF DOCUMENT=SML-BASIS-DOC/&SML; Basis Library Manual/,
and &CML; has followed suite.

<HEAD>Condition variables</HEAD>

The only loss in function from version&nbsp;0.9.8 is the elimination
of the <IDREF/poll/ operation, which provided a non-blocking form
of <VALREF STRID="CML"/sync/.
Instead of this operation, &CML; now provides non-blocking input operations
on many of the basic communication types.

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