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[smlnj] View of /sml/trunk/src/compiler/CodeGen/hppa/hppaMillicode.sml
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View of /sml/trunk/src/compiler/CodeGen/hppa/hppaMillicode.sml

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Revision 1009 - (download) (annotate)
Wed Jan 9 19:44:22 2002 UTC (17 years, 9 months ago) by george
File size: 1671 byte(s)
	Removed the native COPY and FCOPY instructions
	from all the architectures and replaced it with the
	explicit COPY instruction from the previous commit.

	It is now possible to simplify many of the optimizations
	modules that manipulate copies. This has not been
	done in this change.
functor HppaMillicode(Instr : HPPAINSTR) : HPPA_MILLICODE =
  structure T = Instr.T
  structure C = Instr.C
  structure I = Instr
  structure Region = I.Region
  structure CB = CellsBasis

  val arg1 = C.GPReg 26
  val arg2 = C.GPReg 25
  val ra = C.GPReg 31				(* milli return address *)
  val rv = C.GPReg 29				(* milli return value *)
  val sp = C.stackptrR
  val stack = Region.stack

  val udivOffset = ~16
  val divOffset = ~20
  val mulOffset = ~24
  val muluOffset = ~112
  val cvti2dOffset = ~4

  fun copy {dst, src} = 
      I.COPY{k=CB.GP, sz=32, dst=dst, src=src, tmp=SOME(I.Direct(C.newReg()))}

  fun doMilliCall offset {rs, rt, rd} = let
    fun addList([], cs) = cs
      | addList(r::rs, cs) = addList(rs, C.addReg(r,cs))
    val tmpR = C.newReg()
    val defs = addList([rv,ra], C.empty)
    val uses = C.addReg(arg1, C.addReg(arg2, C.empty))
    [copy{dst=[arg1, arg2], src=[rs, rt]},
     I.loadi{li=I.LDW, r=C.stackptrR, i=I.IMMED offset, t=tmpR, mem=stack},
     I.ble{t=C.GPReg 31, cutsTo=[],
           b=tmpR, sr=5, d=I.IMMED 0, defs=defs, uses=uses, mem=stack},
     copy{dst=[rd], src=[rv]}]

  val divu = doMilliCall udivOffset
  val divo = doMilliCall divOffset
  val mulo = doMilliCall mulOffset
  val mulu = doMilliCall muluOffset

  fun cvti2real fcnv {rs,fd} =
  let val tmpF = C.newFreg()
  in  [I.store{st=I.STW, b=C.stackptrR, d=I.IMMED cvti2dOffset,r=rs, mem=stack},
       I.fload{fl=I.FLDWS, b=C.stackptrR, d=cvti2dOffset, t=tmpF, mem=stack},
       I.fcnv{fcnv=fcnv, f=tmpF, t=fd}

  val cvti2s = cvti2real I.FCNVXF_S
  val cvti2d = cvti2real I.FCNVXF_D
  val cvti2q = cvti2real I.FCNVXF_Q


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