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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/src/runtime/include/ml-base.h
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Diff of /sml/trunk/src/runtime/include/ml-base.h

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revision 536, Fri Feb 18 16:51:54 2000 UTC revision 537, Fri Feb 18 17:20:16 2000 UTC
# Line 157  Line 157 
158  extern heap_params_t *ParseHeapParams (char **argv);  extern heap_params_t *ParseHeapParams (char **argv);
159  extern ml_state_t *AllocMLState (bool_t isBoot, heap_params_t *params);  extern ml_state_t *AllocMLState (bool_t isBoot, heap_params_t *params);
160  extern void BootML (  extern void BootML (const char *bootlist, heap_params_t *params);
     const char *bootModule,  
     heap_params_t *params,  
     const char *rtPID);  
161  extern void LoadML (const char *loadImage, heap_params_t *params);  extern void LoadML (const char *loadImage, heap_params_t *params);
163  extern bool_t QualifyImageName (char *buf);  extern bool_t QualifyImageName (char *buf);

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