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View of /sml/trunk/src/smlnj-lib/Doc/mldoc/atom.mldoc

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Sat Nov 7 20:11:41 1998 UTC (21 years, 4 months ago) by monnier
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<!-- atom.mldoc -->


<COPYRIGHT OWNER="AT&AMP;T Bell Laboratories" YEAR=1996>
<TITLE>The ATOM signature</TITLE>

<HEAD>The <CD/ATOM/ signature</HEAD>

The <STRREF TOPID NOLINK/Atom/ structure provides hashed strings with
fast equality testing.

	Atoms are hashed strings that support fast equality testing.
      <VAL>atom<TY>string -> atom
          atom <ARG/s/
          creates an atom out of the string <ARG/s/.
	  Two calls to <VALREF NOLINK/atom/ with the same argument will
	  return the same atom.
      <VAL>toString<TY>atom -> string
          toString <ARG/at/
          returns the string that the atom <ARG/at/ was created from.
      <VAL>sameAtom<TY>(atom * atom) -> bool
          sameAtom (<ARG/at1/, <ARG/at2/)
          returns <CD/true/, if the two atoms are the same.
	  This is a constant-time equality test.
      <VAL>compare<TY>(atom * atom) -> order
          compare (<ARG/at/, <ARG/at2/)
          returns the relative order of the two atoms according to some
	  internal ordering.
	  Note that this is <EM/not/ the lexical ordering of the string
	  representations of the atoms.
      <VAL>hash<TY>atom -> word
          hash <ARG/at/
          returns a hash value for the atom <ARG/at/.
    <STRREF TOPID/AtomMap/
    <STRREF TOPID/AtomSet/
    <STRREF TOPID/AtomTable/

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