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[smlnj] View of /sml/trunk/src/system/Basis/Implementation/Unix/unix.sig
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View of /sml/trunk/src/system/Basis/Implementation/Unix/unix.sig

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Thu Jun 17 22:19:15 2004 UTC (16 years, 8 months ago) by mblume
File size: 2414 byte(s)
structure Unix now up to (the broken) spec
(* unix.sig
 * COPYRIGHT (c) 1995 AT&T Bell Laboratories.
signature UNIX = sig

    type ('a, 'b) proc

    type signal

    datatype exit_status =
	   | W_EXITSTATUS of Word8.word
	   | W_SIGNALED of signal
	   | W_STOPPED of signal

    val fromStatus : OS.Process.status -> exit_status

    (* executeInEnv (path, args, env)
     *   forks/execs new process given by path
     *   The new process will have environment env, and
     *   arguments args prepended by the last arc in path
     *   (following the Unix convention that the first argument
     *   is the command name).
     *   Returns an abstract type proc, which represents
     *   the child process plus streams attached to the
     *   the child process stdin/stdout.
     *   Simple command searching can be obtained by using
     *     executeInEnv ("/bin/sh", "-c"::args, env)
    val executeInEnv : string * string list * string list -> ('a, 'b) proc

    (* execute (path, args) 
     *       = executeInEnv (path, args, Posix.ProcEnv.environ())
    val execute : string * string list -> ('a, 'b) proc

    (* *{In,Out}treamOf proc
     * returns an instream and outstream used to read
     * from and write to the stdout and stdin of the 
     * executed process.
     * The underlying files are set to be close-on-exec.
    val textInstreamOf  : (TextIO.instream, 'a) proc -> TextIO.instream
    val binInstreamOf   : (BinIO.instream, 'a) proc -> BinIO.instream
    val textOutstreamOf : ('a, TextIO.outstream) proc -> TextIO.outstream
    val binOutstreamOf  : ('a, BinIO.outstream) proc -> BinIO.outstream

    val streamsOf : (TextIO.instream, TextIO.outstream) proc ->
		    TextIO.instream * TextIO.outstream

      (* reap proc
       * This closes the associated streams and waits for the
       * child process to finish, returns its exit status.
       * Note that even if the child process has already exited,
       * so that reap returns immediately,
       * the parent process should eventually reap it. Otherwise,
       * the process will remain a zombie and take a slot in the
       * process table.
    val reap : ('a, 'b) proc -> OS.Process.status

      (* kill (proc, signal)
       * sends the Posix signal to the associated process.
    val kill : ('a, 'b) proc * signal -> unit

    val exit : Word8.word -> 'a


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