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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/src/system/README
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Diff of /sml/trunk/src/system/README

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revision 671, Mon Jun 19 02:02:32 2000 UTC revision 672, Mon Jun 19 04:40:29 2000 UTC
# Line 353  Line 353 
353    $basis.cm             (* same as $/basis.cm or $basis.cm/basis.cm *)    $basis.cm             (* same as $/basis.cm or $basis.cm/basis.cm *)
354    $nw-ext.cm            (* same as $/nw-ext.cm or $nw-ext.cm/nw-ext.cm *)    $nw-ext.cm            (* same as $/nw-ext.cm or $nw-ext.cm/nw-ext.cm *)
356  Previously, CM used "implicit" anchors where anchored paths simply  There used to be a notion of "implicit" anchors where in the case that
357  have the form  <anchor> is a known anchor, paths of the form
359     <anchor>/<more>...     <anchor>/<more>...
361  The distinction between anchored paths and relative paths was made  were interpreted as if they had been written
 based on whether or not <anchor> had a known mapping at the time it  
 was seen by CM.  Since this is hard to read and fragile, support for  
 implicit anchors (while still there) is considered obsolete and will  
 be faded out soon.  The meaning of an implicitly anchored path <path>  
 is the same as $/<path>.  
363  Recognition of implicit anchors can be turned off by issuing the     $<anchor>/<anchor>/<more>...
 following command:  
365     CM.autoload "$smlnj/cm.cm";  This is no longer the case. <foo>/<bar>... now always means what it
366     #set CM.Control.implicit_anchors false;  seems to mean: a relative path starting with an arc named <foo>.
368  + Why anchored paths?  + Why anchored paths?

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