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[smlnj] View of /sml/trunk/tests/bugs/outputs.pre-110.5/bug1544.2.out
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View of /sml/trunk/tests/bugs/outputs.pre-110.5/bug1544.2.out

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Revision 791 - (download) (annotate)
Thu Mar 1 18:59:35 2001 UTC (19 years, 3 months ago) by dbm
File size: 1872 byte(s)
new output files (outputs.pre-110.5) for new tests
val it = () : unit
structure Util :
  sig val listCompare : ('a * 'b -> order) -> 'a list * 'b list -> order end
structure StandardType :
    datatype TypeConstant
      = CharType | IntType | RealType | StringType | UnitType
    datatype STLocalPropDatatype
      = STsinks of IntBinarySet.set | STsources of IntBinarySet.set
    type STLocalPropType = STLocalPropDatatype list ref
    datatype Typ
      = AbsType of {body:Typ, sProp:STLocalPropType, tv:int, uid:int}
      | AppType of {rand:Typ, rator:Typ, sProp:STLocalPropType, uid:int}
      | ArrayType of {dims:int, sProp:STLocalPropType, typ:Typ, uid:int}
      | ArrowType of {from:Typ, sProp:STLocalPropType, to:Typ, uid:int}
      | ConstType of {const:TypeConstant, sProp:STLocalPropType, uid:int}
      | Exception of {sProp:STLocalPropType, uid:int}
      | ExceptionConstructor of {sProp:STLocalPropType, typ:Typ, uid:int}
      | IsectType of {fields:string list, sProp:STLocalPropType,
                      types:Typ list, uid:int}
      | RecType of {body:Typ, btvs:int list, decls:Typ list,
                    sProp:STLocalPropType, uid:int}
      | RecordType of {fields:string list, sProp:STLocalPropType,
                       types:Typ list, uid:int}
      | RefType of {sProp:STLocalPropType, typ:Typ, uid:int}
      | UnionType of {sProp:STLocalPropType, tag:string, tags:string list,
                      types:Typ list, uid:int}
      | VarType of {sProp:STLocalPropType, tv:int, uid:int}
      | VariantType of {sProp:STLocalPropType, tag:string, tags:string list,
                        types:Typ list, uid:int}
    val uidOf : Typ -> int
structure STcompare :
    val checkFlowLabels : bool ref
    val freeVarMatchesAll : bool ref
    val tagMatters : bool ref
    type ord_key = StandardType.Typ
    val compare : StandardType.Typ * StandardType.Typ -> order

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