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[smlnj] View of /smlnj-lib/branches/rt-transition/Util/dynamic-array.sml
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View of /smlnj-lib/branches/rt-transition/Util/dynamic-array.sml

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Revision 4070 - (download) (annotate)
Thu Jun 11 12:33:25 2015 UTC (4 years, 1 month ago) by jhr
File size: 4180 byte(s)
update to 110.78 version of SML/NJ Library
(* dynamic-array.sml
 * COPYRIGHT (c) 2009 The Fellowship of SML/NJ (http://www.smlnj.org)
 * All rights reserved.
 * Polymorhic arrays of unbounded length

structure DynamicArray :> DYNAMIC_ARRAY =

    structure A = Array

  (* BLOCK(arr, dflt, bnd):
   *	arr	- current data store; is at least !bnd+1 elements
   *	dflt	- default value
   *	bnd	- values at !bnd and above are default for reading
    datatype 'a array = BLOCK of ('a A.array ref * 'a * int ref)
    exception Subscript = General.Subscript
    exception Size = General.Size

    fun array (sz, dflt) = BLOCK(ref(A.array(sz, dflt)), dflt, ref(~1))

  (* fromList (l, v) creates an array using the list of values l
   * plus the default value v.
    fun fromList (initList, dflt) = let
	  val arr = A.fromList initList
	    BLOCK(ref arr, dflt, ref(A.length arr - 1))

  (* tabulate (sz,fill,dflt) acts like Array.tabulate, plus 
   * stores default value dflt.  Raises Size if sz < 0.
    fun tabulate (sz, fillFn, dflt) =
	  BLOCK(ref(A.tabulate(sz, fillFn)), dflt, ref(sz-1))

    fun subArray (BLOCK(arr, dflt, bnd), lo, hi) = let
          val arrval = !arr
          val bnd = !bnd
          fun copy i = A.sub(arrval, i+lo)
            if hi <= bnd
              then BLOCK(ref(A.tabulate(hi-lo, copy)), dflt, ref(hi-lo))
            else if lo <= bnd 
              then BLOCK(ref(A.tabulate(bnd-lo, copy)), dflt, ref(bnd-lo))
              array(0, dflt)

    fun default (BLOCK(_, dflt, _)) = dflt

    fun sub (BLOCK(arr, dflt, _), idx) = (A.sub(!arr, idx)) 
          handle Subscript => if idx < 0 then raise Subscript else dflt

    fun bound (BLOCK(_, _, bnd)) = (!bnd)

    fun expand(arr, oldlen, newlen, dflt) = let
          fun fillfn i = if i < oldlen then A.sub(arr,i) else dflt
            A.tabulate(newlen, fillfn)

    fun update (BLOCK(arr, dflt, bnd), idx, v) = let 
          val len = A.length (!arr)
            if idx >= len 
              then arr := expand(!arr, len, Int.max(len+len,idx+1), dflt) 
              else ();
            if idx > !bnd then bnd := idx else ()

    fun truncate (a as BLOCK(arr, dflt, bndref), sz) = let
          val bnd = !bndref
          val newbnd = sz - 1
          val arr_val = !arr
          val array_sz = A.length arr_val
          fun fillDflt (i,stop) =
                if i = stop then ()
                else (A.update(arr_val,i,dflt); fillDflt(i-1, stop))
            if newbnd < 0 then (bndref := ~1;arr := A.array(0, dflt))
            else if newbnd >= bnd then ()
            else if 3 * sz < array_sz then let
              val BLOCK(arr',_,bnd') = subArray(a, 0, newbnd)
                (bndref := !bnd'; arr := !arr')
            else fillDflt(bnd, newbnd)

  (* get the array slice that covers the defined portion of the array *)
    fun slice (BLOCK(arr, _, bnd)) =
	  ArraySlice.slice(!arr, 0, SOME(!bnd + 1))

  (* we implement the iterators by using the array slice operations *)
    fun vector arr = ArraySlice.vector (slice arr)
    fun appi f arr = ArraySlice.appi f (slice arr)
    fun app f arr = ArraySlice.app f (slice arr)
    fun modifyi f arr = ArraySlice.modifyi f (slice arr)
    fun modify f arr = ArraySlice.modify f (slice arr)
    fun foldli f init arr = ArraySlice.foldli f init (slice arr)
    fun foldri f init arr = ArraySlice.foldri f init (slice arr)
    fun foldl f init arr = ArraySlice.foldl f init (slice arr)
    fun foldr f init arr = ArraySlice.foldr f init (slice arr)
    fun findi pred arr = ArraySlice.findi pred (slice arr)
    fun find pred arr = ArraySlice.find pred (slice arr)
    fun exists pred arr = ArraySlice.exists pred (slice arr)
    fun all pred arr = ArraySlice.all pred (slice arr)
    fun collate cmp (arr1, arr2) = ArraySlice.collate cmp (slice arr1, slice arr2)

    val copy : {di:int, dst:'a array, src:'a array} -> unit
    val copyVec : {di:int, dst:'a array, src:'a vector} -> unit

  end (* DynamicArrayFn *)

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