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[smlnj] Diff of /smlnj-lib/trunk/CHANGES
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Diff of /smlnj-lib/trunk/CHANGES

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revision 2830, Fri Nov 2 13:49:09 2007 UTC revision 2996, Fri Apr 18 16:26:23 2008 UTC
# Line 2  Line 2 
2  correspond to SML/NJ releases.  correspond to SML/NJ releases.
3  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
5  [2007-10-02]  [2008-04-18]
6            First commit of JSON Library.  Printing works, but parsing still needs
7            to be implemented.
9    [2008-03-18]
10            Committed a major overhaul of the RegExp library.  There is now a new
11            engine that implements Ken Thompson's RE matching algorithm.  The result
12            type of the RE matches has also been simplified by removing an unecessary
13            option type.
14            NOTE: the new RE engine is not complete in that it does not yet support
15            begin/end marks.
17    [2007-12-13]
18            Also added list' and listg' which are parameterized over the delimiter-
19            and separator strings used for formatting lists.  (The default for "list" and
20            "listg" is the usual "[" ", " "]".)
22    [2007-12-13]
23            Added "elem" function as an inverse to "glue" to FormatComb module.
24            This makes writing extensions possible.  Also added "list" and "option"
25            combinators for formatting list- and option types.
27    [2007-11-02]
28          A collection of bug fixes for machine.sml in the Reactive library.          A collection of bug fixes for machine.sml in the Reactive library.
29          (Thanks to Timothy Bourke)          (Thanks to Timothy Bourke)

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