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View of /tests/rtest/README

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Thu Jul 27 21:42:48 2017 UTC (2 years, 1 month ago) by jhr
File size: 1893 byte(s)
  Add support for "--double" option in regression tests
These are regression tests for the Diderot compiler.  Each test lives in its
own directory under rtest/tests, data files live in the rtest/data directory.

Tests live in the "tests" subdirectory. For a test named "foo", we should have

	tests/foo			-- the test directory
	tests/foo/foo.diderot		-- the test source code
	tests/foo/assess.sh		-- an assessment script that should either return a
					   numeric result representing the difference, or one
					   of "ok" or "fail".  This script is given the
					   '--double' flag if it was specified as one of the
					   diderotc flags.
	tests/foo/correct.{nrrd,txt}	-- the correct output.  Usually a nrrd file, but
					   some tests produce textual output
        tests/Makefile                  -- optional makefile for building the application
	tests/foo/run.sh		-- optional script for running the application

By convention, tests should produce a file "out.nrrd".  If they also produce textual
output that needs assessment, then a "run.sh" script should be provided that redirects
the output to a file "out.txt".

The assess.sh file should usually produce a numeric result representing the difference
between the correct output ("correct.nrrd") and the output from the test ("out.nrrd").
In some cases, assess.sh can produce the output "ok" or "fail", when a numeric result
does not make sense.

To run all of the tests, use the command scripts/run.sh.  It has the following

        scripts/run.sh [diderotc] [diderotc-flags] [-- runtime-flags]

As it runs, it writes progress information to standard out.  It also produces
two files.  A reprt file that summarizes the results and a log file that contains
any output from running the compiler or program (e.g., error messages).

To run a single test, use the command scripts/run-one.sh, which has the
following usage:

        scripts/run-one.sh test [diderotc] [diderotc-flags]

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