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[smlnj] View of /tests/trunk/SUMMARY-110.64
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View of /tests/trunk/SUMMARY-110.64

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Revision 2573 - (download) (annotate)
Mon May 21 05:29:47 2007 UTC (12 years, 3 months ago) by dbm
File size: 1451 byte(s)
updated output for types in inferred functor signatures
Summary of regression failures for 110.63


   first error message is spurious

   n Div 0 raises Overflow instead of Div [ppc specific]


   fails test11c because of inaccurate printing of reals with large mantissa

   Timer.cpu_timer prints as ?.InternalTime.cpu_timer

 word.sml, word8.sml, word32.sml
   n div 0 raises Overflow instead of Div [ppc specific]


 316.sml, 316.1.sml: 

    Former printing bug (caused by the spec being ERRORtyc) is
    partially fixed , but printing of type elements in an inferred
    functor result signature is incomplete, and we don't print the
    arity properly if arity > 0.  A better fix would replace the
    ERRORtyc spec in the inferred signature with a new DUMMYtyc
    constructor that carried the name and arity of the tyc element.

    A more expensive fix might print the functor result signature
    by instantiating the functor parameter sig and applying the
    functor to the instantiation, then printing the result structure.


  bug3.sml, bug538.sml, bug1092.2.sml
    printing full path for some types when printing bindings resulting
    from an open decl

    printing of full type paths (S.T) instead of local path (T)

    error messages differ because of different paths for sml

  bug908.1.sml, bug908.2.sml
    [PPC only] Overflow raised instead of expected Div

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