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[smlnj] View of /tests/trunk/bugs/110.82r4591
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View of /tests/trunk/bugs/110.82r4591

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Revision 4602 - (download) (annotate)
Wed May 16 12:53:32 2018 UTC (17 months ago) by jhr
File size: 5540 byte(s)
  updating open bugs for changes in line numbers in exception messages
  and a fix of bug1375
This is a status report of running the "bugs" tests using revision 4591
of the compiler/basis, which is a post-110.82/pre-110.83 version.

** Updated for r4599 **.

The report is broken into two groups: first the tests that "failed".  Most of
these are because of changes in the error messages, etc.  The second group
are the "openbugs".  Each test has been marked as "OK", "BUG", "FIXED" (for
open bugs), or "CHECK" (for tests where the status needs more investigation).

Tests that "passed" are omitted from the lists

### Test failures

bug0423.sml 	   ...  **** fail
  -- printing of `Vector` structure's signature as `VECTOR_2015?`

### Open Bugs

bug0027.sml 	   ...  **** fail
  -- printing of Absyn in error messages does not respect fixity

bug0071.sml 	   ...  **** fail
  -- weird `use` semantics

bug0588.sml 	   ...  **** fail
  -- compiler bug in translate

bug0636.sml 	   ...  **** fail
  -- printing integer values as abstract values in REPL

bug1250.sml 	   ...  **** fail
  -- compiler bug: Bind exception in pretty printing (this bug is likely
     the same as #190 in the new bugs database)

bug1261.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- bug in parser with combination of type variable bindings and `rec`

bug1300.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- same as bug 1399.1

bug1319.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- bug with implementation of `Real.toManExp`

bug1324.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- bug with interaction between `eqtype` and `where type`

bug1328.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
bug1328.2.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- redefinition of special identifiers (`it`, `true`, and `false`)

bug1329.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- problem with `where type`

bug1351.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- original bug is fixed, but there is a problem with the constructor `B` being
     made visible and the abstract type `A` incorrectly supports equality (see
     pages 20 & 23 of Definition).

bug1366.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- potential issue with higher-order functors and opaque signature matching

bug1375.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- `Word.fromString` incorrectly handles `0wa`; returns 10 instead of 0

bug1383.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- incorrect handling of escape sequences in `Char.toCString`.

bug1388.1.sml 	   ...  **** possible bug fix
  -- runtime bug: dividing minInt by ~1 produces `Div` exception instead of `Overflow`

bug1390.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- the original bug was "incorrect parsing of sigb sequences", but it appears to
     have been fixed by forbidding the use of `and` to connect signature declarations.

bug1394.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- the original bug is fixed, but there is some ambiguity w.r.t. when derived
     forms should be expanded vs. when fixity is determined

bug1399.1.sml 	   ...  **** fail
  -- printing of builtin types (e.g., `Int32.int` as `?.int32`)

bug1400.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- internal error in pretty printer

bug1401.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- possible runtime system bug in `Posix.Process.waitpid_nh`

bug1413.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- runtime system issue with Unix.execute and closing streams

bug1419.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- printing of signature does not reflect the actual signature

bug1433.2.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- eqtype and wheretype clash (may be related to bug1329)

bug1434.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- `open` of unbound structure breaks environment

bug1443.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- bug with implementation of `Real.toManExp` (also see bug1319)

bug1444.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- `Date.toString` is missing leading `0` on day of month when it is less
     than 10.  The fix is to switch from using the `asctime` function to
     using `Date.fmt` as specified in the Basis Library specification.

bug1447.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- bug in Real.fmt; a spurious `.1` is added when converting round real
     numbers above 91827364509181.0 to a string.

bug1451.1.sml 	   ...  **** possible bug fix
  -- Math.sin on very large arguments (see http://www.netlib.org/fdlibm/ for
     possible solution)

bug1452.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- Math.sin on very small arguments (see http://www.netlib.org/fdlibm/ for
     possible solution)

bug1472.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- datatype involving real is treated as an equality type

bug1486.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- `Math.pow` gives non-integer results on integer arguments; this is the same
     as bug #109 in the new bug database (see http://www.netlib.org/fdlibm/ for
     possible solution)

bug1487.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- parentheses not permitted in `val rec` binding

bug1494.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- pretty printing rebound datatype in REPL

bug1509.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- same as bug1388

bug1541.1.sml 	   ...  **** possible bug fix
  -- `Array2.array` should always be an equality type (like `Array.array` and `ref`).

bug1551.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- invalid escape sequence in string/character literal is reported as an unclosed

bug1573.1.sml 	   ...  **** possible bug fix
  -- the `ARRAY` signature does not reflect that `array` is an equality type.
     This is more a weakness in the SML language than a bug.

bug1587.1.sml 	   ...  openbug (unchanged)
  -- bug in `Real.rem` on whole numbers (bug is probably in `Real.mod`)

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