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View of /trunk/INSTALL

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  Edits to INSTALL instructions
Build instructions for the Diderot compiler

You must have TEEM installed, which you can get from


You also must have SML/NJ (version 110.73) installed, which you can
get from


Diderot is currently supported on Linux and Mac OS X.  It requires a system that is
capable of running 64-bit executables.

You can checkout the stable version of the Diderot source tree with:

	svn co https://svn.smlnj-gforge.cs.uchicago.edu/svn/diderot/trunk diderot

At times, there may also be unstable or experimental development branches.  You can
explore these using the web interface at



Run autoheader:

	% autoheader -Iconfig

Run autoconf:

	% autoconf -Iconfig

Configure the makefiles etc.

	% ./configure --with-teem=/usr/local/teem

(assuming that TEEM is installed in /usr/local/teem).


From the root of the Diderot tree, run

	% make local-install

This command will build the Diderot compiler and runtime support.

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