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View of /trunk/INSTALL

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Build instructions for the Diderot compiler


You must have TEEM installed, which you can get from


You also must have SML/NJ (version 110.75 or later) installed, which you can
get from


Diderot is currently supported on Linux and Mac OS X.  It requires a system that is
capable of running 64-bit executables.  Note that SML/NJ is a 32-bit program, so
on Linux systems you must also have the 32-bit compatibility libraries installed
(the exact libraries/packages depends on your distribution).


You can checkout the stable version of the Diderot source tree with:

  svn co https://svn.smlnj-gforge.cs.uchicago.edu/svn/diderot/trunk diderot

An anonymous checkout is available via user name "anonsvn" and
password "anonsvn".  At times, there may also be unstable or
experimental development branches.  You can explore these using the
web interface at



Run autoheader:

  % autoheader -Iconfig

Run autoconf:

  % autoconf -Iconfig

Configure the makefiles etc.

  % ./configure --with-teem=/path/to/teem

where "/path/to/teem" is the full path of the directory
containing the "lib" and "include" directories containing
"libteem.{a,so,dylib}" and "teem/*.h", respectively.

You can also specify the location of the doxygen executable at
configuration time using the option


Doxygen (http://doxygen.org) is used to generate documentation
for the runtime system.  If you have the Doxygen application
installed on the Mac, you should specify


(assuming that the Doxygen application is installed in the Applications


From the root of the Diderot tree, run

  % make local-install

This command will build the Diderot compiler (bin/diderotc) and
runtime support.  Assuming that $ROOT is the root of the Diderot tree;
the above make command will create the following files and directories:

	$ROOT/bin/diderotc	-- the diderotc compiler script
	$ROOT/bin/.heap		-- contains the diderotc heap image (used by
				   the diderotc script)
	$ROOT/lib		-- various versions of the Diderot runtime system
				   compiled as ".o" files
	$ROOT/include/Diderot	-- the Diderot header files, which are needed to
				   compile the output of the diderotc compiler.

It is also possible to install the system outside the Diderot tree.  To do so,
use the "--prefix" option to the configure command.  For example:

  % configure --with-teem=/path/to/teem --prefix=/usr/local/Diderot
  % make install

will install the Diderot compiler, libraries, and headers in /usr/local/Diderot.

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