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[diderot] Diff of /trunk/TODO
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Diff of /trunk/TODO

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revision 1120, Thu May 5 08:18:26 2011 UTC revision 1133, Thu May 5 18:57:15 2011 UTC
# Line 112  Line 112 
112  other MEDIUM TERM ============ (needed for particles)  other MEDIUM TERM ============ (needed for particles)
113  ==============================  ==============================
115  [GLK:5] run-time death of strands; test/iso2d.diderot provides  Put small 1-D and 2-D fields, when reconstructed specifically by tent
116  great initial test for "die" command.  and when differentiation is not needed, into faster texture buffers.
117    test/illust-vr.diderot is good example of program that uses multiple
118  Put small 1-D and 2-D fields, reconstructed by tent, into  such 1-D fields basically as lookup-table-based function evaluation
 faster texture buffers  
120  run-time birth of strands  run-time birth of strands

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