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SML3d vector types

The SML3d library provides support for standard OpenGL vector types.

=== Floating-point vector types

sys::[{sml3d-docbin}/extract-code.sh {sml3d-srcdir}/base/vec2-sig.sml]

sys::[{sml3d-docbin}/extract-code.sh {sml3d-srcdir}/base/vec3-sig.sml]

sys::[{sml3d-docbin}/extract-code.sh {sml3d-srcdir}/base/vec4-sig.sml]

=== Integer-vector types

OpenGL also allows data to be specified as vectors of 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit signed
and unsigned numbers.
The SML3d library provides type definitions for these as well, but does not provide
any linear-algebra operations for these types.

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