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== Downloads ==

=== Prerequisites ===

The SML3d library builds on a number of technologies.  We divide those in to required
and optional prerequisites.

==== Required prerequisites ====

* http://mlton.org/Release20130715[MLton]

* http://www.glfw.org[GLFW]

* OpenGL 3.2 or later.

==== Optional prerequisites ====

* http://www.libpng.org[libpng]

* OpenCL

=== Getting the system ===

The SML3d Source code is also available for anonymous checkout from our SVN server.
Use the following command:

svn co --username anonsvn \
  https://smlnj-gforge.cs.uchicago.edu/svn/sml3d/trunk sml3d

with the password +anonsvn+.
The OpenCL support is also available as a separate library and can be downloaded using
the following command:

svn co --username anonsvn \
  https://smlnj-gforge.cs.uchicago.edu/svn/sml3d/trunk/opencl opencl

You can also browse the repository using the following URL:


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