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Tue Sep 30 07:54:18 2008 UTC (11 years ago) by jhr
File size: 770 byte(s)
repository restructuring
image loaders (ppm, pgm, png, jpeg)
  - we need a common in-memory image format that can initialize
    using either DevIL or the SDL_image libraries.  We may also
    provide some direct support for PGM and PPM.  This format
    should also be compatible with the glTexImage*, glCopyTexImage*,
    and glCopyPixel operations.

finish GLSL shader support (more attribute types)

model loaders
  - integrate the obj and mtl loader code

SDL as an alternative to GLUT


Finish OpenAL implementation

Switch to using ObjectIdFn for managing object Ids.

Rethink vertex arrays and add support for VBOs.  We probably
should drop support for AoS data layout, since it is pretty
complicated and doesn't buy much benefit for SML.

Support for selection and feedback.

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