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Tue Apr 1 17:36:02 2014 UTC (5 years, 2 months ago) by jhr
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  Working on FI generation tools

This directory contains code that processes the OpenGL XML-based specification files


to produce a database (also in XML format) that can be used to generate the FFI glue code.


The gldb command has several modes, which are specified by the first
command-line argument. The general usage pattern is

        gldb mode options

The specific commands are

        gldb help

        gldb init [options] <db> <registry> <api> <profile> <extensions>

                Creates an initial database; the arguments are as follows:

                <db>		the name of the XML database file (e.g., gl-db.xml); this name
				should not be confused with the name of the source spec file
				from Khronos, which is also an xml file.

                <registry>	the pathname of the source specification file
				(e.g., specs/gl.xml)

		and the options are

		--api=<api>	specifies the API to match in the specification file (default "gl")

				specifies the profile to match in the specification file
				(default "core")

				specifies the supported extensions to match in the specification
				file (default "glcore")

                Note that this command does not load any definitions into the database,
                that is done using a subsequent update command.

        gldb check <db>

                Checks the specification files used by the database for errors, but does not
                load them.

        gldb update <db>

                Updates the database by loading the specification files.  Note that this is
                an idempotent operation.

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