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[sml3d] Diff of /trunk/sml3d/gen/gen-from-xml/specs/extra.xdb
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Diff of /trunk/sml3d/gen/gen-from-xml/specs/extra.xdb

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revision 1407, Mon Apr 14 02:17:02 2014 UTC revision 1409, Mon Apr 14 14:18:44 2014 UTC
# Line 281  Line 281 
281          <param name="indices" ctype="void*" mltype="Word16.word vector"/>          <param name="indices" ctype="void*" mltype="Word16.word vector"/>
282          <param name="basevertex" ctype="GLint"/>          <param name="basevertex" ctype="GLint"/>
283        </proto>        </proto>
284        <proto name="glDrawRangeElementsBaseVertexVecub">        <proto name="glDrawRangeElementsBaseVertexVecui">
285          <return-type ctype="void"/>          <return-type ctype="void"/>
286          <param name="mode" group="PrimitiveType" ctype="GLenum"/>          <param name="mode" group="PrimitiveType" ctype="GLenum"/>
287          <param name="start" ctype="GLuint"/>          <param name="start" ctype="GLuint"/>
288          <param name="end" ctype="GLuint"/>          <param name="end" ctype="GLuint"/>
289          <param name="count" ctype="GLsizei"/>          <param name="count" ctype="GLsizei"/>
290          <param name="type" group="DrawElementsType" ctype="GLenum"/>          <param name="type" group="DrawElementsType" ctype="GLenum"/>
291          <param name="indices" ctype="void*" mltype="Word16.word vector"/>          <param name="indices" ctype="void*" mltype="Word32.word vector"/>
292          <param name="basevertex" ctype="GLint"/>          <param name="basevertex" ctype="GLint"/>
293        </proto>        </proto>
294        <proto name="glDrawRangeElementsBaseVertexArrub">        <proto name="glDrawRangeElementsBaseVertexArrub">

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