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View of /trunk/sml3d/src/glfw/Makefile.in

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Revision 1287 - (download) (annotate)
Mon Sep 9 22:52:26 2013 UTC (6 years, 1 month ago) by jhr
File size: 709 byte(s)
  Working on GLFW (version 3.0.x) support.

# Makefile for GLFW library
# COPYRIGHT (c) 2013 The SML3d Project (http://sml3d.cs.uchicago.edu)
# All rights reserved.
# @configure_input@

SHELL =		/bin/sh
MLTON =         @MLTON@

GEN_DIR =		@ROOT_DIR@/gen/fi-gen
GEN_GLFW_OFFSETS =	gen-glfw-offsets@EXE_SUFFIX@

.PHONY:		config
config:		glfw-offsets.sml

.PHONY:         typecheck
typecheck:      glfw-offsets.sml glfw.mlb
	$(MLTON) -stop tc glfw.mlb

glfw-offsets.sml:	$(GEN_GLFW_OFFSETS_PATH)
	$(GEN_GLFW_OFFSETS_PATH) > glfw-offsets.sml

	(cd $(GEN_DIR); make $(GEN_GLFW_OFFSETS))

.PHONY:		clean distclean

distclean:	clean
	rm -f glfw-offsets.sml Makefile

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