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Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
David MacQueen Contact David MacQueen Admin View
Bugs 259 Uninformative error message for type spec/defn mismatch 24 Months Ago 24 Months Ago
Bugs 204 Pretty printing of Absyn in error message does not respect fixity 50 Months Ago 50 Months Ago
Bugs 205 Vector pattern causes integer variables to be printed as abstract types 50 Months Ago 50 Months Ago
Bugs 207 Pretty printing of numeric types like Int32.int as ?.int32 in REPL 50 Months Ago 7 Months Ago
Bugs 210 Equality-type check in where type 50 Months Ago 50 Months Ago
Bugs 211 Problem with realisation in where type 50 Months Ago 50 Months Ago
Bugs 212 datatype rebinding leaks info from abstype 50 Months Ago 50 Months Ago
Bugs 159 uncaught exception EA when loading module 74 Months Ago 4 Weeks Ago
Bugs 160 uncaught exception TypTbl when loading module 74 Months Ago 4 Weeks Ago
Bugs 133 Error message uses wrong name for abstract type in error message 86 Months Ago 86 Months Ago
Bugs 91 Type inference for records 126 Months Ago 82 Months Ago
Bugs 157 Uninformative error message for missing component in nested structure 74 Months Ago 74 Months Ago
Bugs 299 Spurious use of polyEqual 7 Months Ago 4 Weeks Ago
Bugs 246 Confusing error message about "partially applied functor" 29 Months Ago 26 Months Ago
Bugs 171 Types structure from SML/NJ compiler is visible in REPL 69 Months Ago 69 Months Ago
Bugs 197 Typechecker hangs with a large number of curried arguments 52 Months Ago 52 Months Ago
Bugs 270 Last branch of case expression omitted from PPAst 23 Months Ago 23 Months Ago
Bugs 298 Using equality of an eqtype functor parameter triggers a polyEqual warning 7 Months Ago 4 Weeks Ago

Zhong Shao Contact Zhong Shao Admin View
Bugs 143 Closure thinning is broken. 82 Months Ago 82 Months Ago

Matthias Blume Contact Matthias Blume Admin View
Bugs 90 makeml and installml scripts do not like locations with spaces 126 Months Ago 126 Months Ago
Bugs 64 SML/NJ crashes when CML is used together with foreign code 138 Months Ago 138 Months Ago
Bugs 71 ml-makedepend trashes dependency file on error 135 Months Ago 135 Months Ago
Bugs 106 Bad error message for ml-build when the target directory is missing 119 Months Ago 119 Months Ago
Bugs 253 Incorrect CM behavior for diamond anchor pattern 27 Months Ago 27 Months Ago
Bugs 232 Reassigning Compiler.Control.Print.out fails on 64 bit 32 Months Ago 32 Months Ago
Bugs 258 Setting an undefined CM anchor to NONE raises NotFound exception 25 Months Ago 24 Months Ago
Bugs 241 problem with CM + use of Compiler structure in 110.96 30 Months Ago 30 Months Ago
Bugs 250 Runtime error when CM compiles a program that calls CM.sources 28 Months Ago 28 Months Ago

John Reppy Contact John Reppy Admin View
Bugs 275 ml-ulex produces a confusing error message 20 Months Ago 18 Months Ago
Bugs 170 Bogus "Left recursion" error message from ML-Antlr 69 Months Ago 69 Months Ago
Bugs 114 PrimIO methods have a different type in CML 112 Months Ago 112 Months Ago
Bugs 109 Math.pow does not produce an integer result on 2^3 117 Months Ago 52 Months Ago
Bugs 297 Missing smlnj-lib documentation: HTML, HTML4, and PP libraries 8 Months Ago 8 Months Ago
Bugs 186 Inlining for Word8 arithmetic operations is broken 58 Months Ago 58 Months Ago
Bugs 221 Incorrect formatting of real number 38 Months Ago 38 Months Ago
Bugs 251 Windows installer package is not marked as all users 28 Months Ago 28 Months Ago
Bugs 302 MSI installer for SMLNJ 110.99.2 reports as version 5 Months Ago 5 Months Ago
Bugs 311 Unable to interrupt execution by using SIGINT 6 Weeks Ago 6 Weeks Ago
Bugs 301 ml-build fails on Windows with error 5 Months Ago 4 Months Ago
Bugs 303 Use raises wrong exception 3 Months Ago 2 Months Ago
Bugs 300 Installation of SML/NJ 2021.1 fails on Ubuntu 20.04 6 Months Ago 5 Weeks Ago
Bugs 272 Many rtsargs unavailable on Windows 22 Months Ago 22 Months Ago

Stefan Monnier Contact Stefan Monnier Senior Developer View

Allen Leung Contact Allen Leung Senior Developer View
Bugs 165 Nowhere generates incorrect SML code 73 Months Ago 33 Months Ago

Bug Submitter Contact Bug Submitter Senior Developer View

George Kuan Contact George Kuan Senior Developer View

Mike Rainey Contact Mike Rainey Senior Developer View

Aaron Turon Contact Aaron Turon Senior Developer View

Lars Bergstrom Contact Lars Bergstrom Senior Developer View