SML/NJ Development Info

These pages contain planning and other information related to the development of SML/NJ. The purpose is to coordinate between the geographically dispersed subgroups of the sml-nj community. These pages are currently not being publicized beyond the sml-nj mailing list.

We want these pages to keep track of who is doing what, when, and why, and to map dependencies between efforts. We also maintain documentation on how to use the CVS repositories at Yale and SourceForge to maintain the SML/NJ source code and web pages. These pages are maintained by Lal and Dave, so please send them updates and corrections and relevant links. Also suggestions are welcome as to what additional information should be maintained here.


SML/NJ web pages installed at SourceForge [10/17/01] [dbm]
The SML/NJ web pages have been installed in the smlnj project CVS repository, and checked out into the project web page directory. See the section on the SML/NJ SourceForge project below.

June 2001 SML/NJ Meeting [dbm]
A status/planning meeting was held June 12, 2001 at Bell Labs. See the meeting record. Send any corrections to dbm.

Status [dbm]
Working version 110.33 is latest, created 23 May 2001.

Benchmark graphs
Lal has added graphs of the benchmarks for a representative sample of version from 110.0.3 to 110.26. See the Benchmarks section below.

SML/NJ SourceForge project

The SML/NJ SourceForge project is now in use and under active development. See the SourceForge HOWTO page for instructions on using the smlnj project. Currently the CVS repository contains the bugs directory (module bugs) and the SML/NJ web pages (module htdocs, which is an alias for module pages). The htdocs module is checkout out into the main project directory (/home/groups/s/sm/smlnj) to provide a mirror of the web pages at, which is served by SourceForge. The copy of the web pages at Bell Labs is now also a working copy checked out from the SourceForge repository. For the time being, both the Bell Labs URL ( and the SourceForge URL ( will be maintained from this repository, so they should remain in sync. The plan is to move the source repository from Yale to SourceForge in the future. This relocation will increase the number of people who can help to maintain the repository.

Yale CVS Repository

We are using the Yale CVS Repository to hold the master code for the compiler, libraries and tools, and for private development branches. The initial state of the repository is based on working version 110.26 (even though this was never released as a normal working version).


All the benchmark compile times and run times have been graphed going back to 110.0.3. All measurements were done on a DEC alpha at the Labs. The following conclusions appear to be supported by the graphs:

Look here for more details.


The roadmaps below are way out of date. We need to revised these.


These are links to development pages maintained by subgroups of sml-nj.

SML/NJ Developers mailing lists

There are two mailing lists for communication to and among the SML/NJ developers. The addresses are:
Currently, both mailing lists go to the same group of people, and the members are listed below.
  • Lal George (Bell Labs)
  • Elsa Gunter (Bell Labs)
  • Nevin Heintze (Bell Labs)
  • Lorenz Huelsbergen (Bell Labs)
  • Dave MacQueen (Bell Labs)
  • John Reppy (Bell Labs)
  • Dino Oliva (Bell Labs)
  • Riccardo Pucella (Bell Labs)
  • Andrew Appel (Princeton)
  • Dan Wang (Princeton)
  • Emden Gansner (AT&T)
  • Matthias Blume (Kyoto)
  • Zhong Shao (Yale)
  • Stefan Monnier (Yale)
  • Christopher League (Yale)
  • Saha Bratin (Yale)
  • Valery Trifonov (Yale)
  • Alan Leung (NYU)

  • Dave MacQueen
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