Contributors to SML/NJ

Stephen Adams
William Aitken
Peter Bertelsen
Nikolaj Bjorner
Bruce F. Duba
Adam T. Dingle
Doug Currie
Soren Christiansen
Kenneth Cline
Pierre Cregut
Damien Doligez
Scott Draves
Georges Gonthier
Florent Guillaume
Yngvi Guttesen
Ivan Hajadi
Trevor Jim
Andrew Kennedy
Mark Leone
Mark Lillibridge
James S. Mattson
Greg Morrisett
George Necula
Dino Oliva
James W. O'Toole
Mikael Pettersson
Norman Ramsey
Gene Rollins
Nick Rothwell
Peter Sestoft
Konrad Slind
Walid Taha
David R. Tarditi
Mads Tofte
Andrew P. Tolmach
Daniel Wang
Peter Weinberger
Thomas Yan

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