The SML/NJ Team

Left to right:
Lal George, David MacQueen, John Reppy, Zhong Shao, Lorenz Huelsbergen, Emden Gansner, Matthias Blume, and Andrew Appel.

Currently, the main participants in the development and maintenance of SML/NJ are:

Bell Laboratories
Matthias Blume
Lal George
Lorenz Huelsbergen
John Reppy
Yale Univ. (The FLINT project)
Zhong Shao
Christopher League
Stefan Monnier
Bratin Saha
Valery Trifonov
The University of Chicago
David MacQueen
Princeton University
Andrew Appel
Cornell University
Riccardo Pucella
AT&T Research
Emden Gansner
New York University
Allen Leung

The SML/NJ system also owes a great deal to many people who have made contributions over the years. Some have contributed directly to the development of the compiler, tools, and libraries, while others have contributed by testing the compiler and reporting bugs, often with fixes.

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