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View of /branches/charisee/ertest/vispaper/bug-report.txt

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Revision 2958 - (download) (annotate)
Wed Mar 4 23:51:16 2015 UTC (6 years, 10 months ago) by cchiw
File size: 1936 byte(s)
update bugreport
Everything that is pending needs to be prioritized.

***********************  Testing *******************************
-  "design a test that demonstrates the correctness of the result,	    Pending	
   because it matches what you get from doing the calculus by hand."
 Hessian of gradient magnitude or Canny edges
- Add regression test viso3d/resamp-cnm.diderot			    Pending
- Added regression tests for tensor-field ops, hessian-magnitude,..     DONE

***********************  Extend implementation *******************************
Add operators
- normalize(vector field) 	  	      	   	   		    DONE
- |vector field|			  	  		            DONE
- ∇(∇×V) , vciso2d					  		    DONE
- Add tensor and field					   		    DONE
- Subtract tensor and field				   		    DONE
- innerproduct tensor and field 					    DONE
- generic norm 							   	 Pending
	 Note there is no gauss0.nrrd file 	
-generic outer product between fields					Pending 
-generic trace								Pending 

*******************************  BUGS *******************************
compileTime:  They take a long time to compile
At it's current state. There are lot of low-il ops created and low-il-op takes a long time to optimize. We have some ideas but they are not quick fixes. 
These files are all examples of the same problem. Really, the problem has nothing to do with the examples but you can add examples here.
Times are for my macbook air
- |∇V - ∇U| - 0.01		    	      	      	   		   DONE
- iso3d/cniso3d.didert							 (~20mins)
- giso3d 								(~22mins)
-  iso3d/hiso3d.diderot					(missing nrrd file)	
- iso3d/iso3d.diderot 							(~6mins)
- viso3d/nhiso3d.diderot						 (~5 mins)

*******************************  Questions *******************************
- the type checker changed inner product rules  forces k's to be the same 
	ex. viso3d/nhiso3d.diderot 

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