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[diderot] Diff of /branches/charisee/src/compiler/basis/basis.sml
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Diff of /branches/charisee/src/compiler/basis/basis.sml

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revision 2925, Tue Mar 3 22:00:11 2015 UTC revision 2926, Tue Mar 3 22:38:29 2015 UTC
# Line 68  Line 68 
69            (*first operator is tensor, next is field *)            (*first operator is tensor, next is field *)
70            (N.op_outer,[BV.op_outer_tt,BV.op_outer_ff]),            (N.op_outer,[BV.op_outer_tt,BV.op_outer_ff]),
71            (N.op_dot, [BV.op_inner_tt,BV.op_inner_ff,BV.op_inner_ft]),            (N.op_dot, [BV.op_inner_tt, BV.op_inner_tf, BV.op_inner_ft, BV.op_inner_ff]),
72            (N.op_cross, [BV.op_cross2_tt,BV.op_cross3_tt,BV.op_cross2_ff,BV.op_cross3_ff]),            (N.op_cross, [BV.op_cross2_tt,BV.op_cross3_tt,BV.op_cross2_ff,BV.op_cross3_ff]),
74              (N.op_norm,  [BV.op_norm_tt, BV.op_norm_ff]),              (N.op_norm,  [BV.op_norm_tt, BV.op_norm_ff]),

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