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[diderot] Diff of /branches/charisee_dev/ertest/notes.txt
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Diff of /branches/charisee_dev/ertest/notes.txt

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revision 2859, Thu Jan 22 07:37:46 2015 UTC revision 2860, Fri Jan 23 19:42:12 2015 UTC
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 tracefield3d-x1:trace(G⊗V)  #just does 10 to 10, not the full range.  
1    Tests are in files "tests" and test2". They are separated based on how they checked for correctness.
2    The files that live in "tests" are checked with "out.nrrd" created in the vis branch.
3    The files that live in "tests2" are checked with "out.txt" to see if the output has changed.
4    tests files
5    G×V                    in crossField3-x0
6    V×V                    in crossField3-x1
7    ∇×V                  in curl2-x0             curl3-x0
8    ∇×∇𝜑                    in curl2-x1             curl3-x1
9    ∇×G+∇×V                   in curl2-x2             curl3-x2
10    ∇×sV                 in curl3-x3
11    G•V                   in dotField2
12    G•V                   in dotField3
13    ∇𝜑                 in gradient2-x0         gradient3-x0
14    ∇(𝜑+𝜑)                  in gradient-x1          gradient3-x1
15    ∇(𝜑*𝜑)                  in gradient-x2          gradient3-x2
16    ∇⊗∇⊗G                   in hessian2
17    ∇•∇𝜑                   in laplac-x0
18    ∇•∇(𝜑*𝜑)            in laplac-x1
19    G⊗V                   in outerField
20    trace(G⊗V)            in traceField3d traceFiel2d-x1  traceField2d-x1b
22    test2 files
23    (a×b)×c                       in crossTen3-x0
24    a×(b×c)                       in crossTen3-x1
25    (a×b)×(c×d)          in crossTen3-x2
26    (a×b)•(c×d)         in crossTen3-x3
27    G×V                    in crossField2
28    ∇×∇×V                     in curl3-x4
29    ∇×(G×V)                     in curl3-x5
30    ∇•V                         in divergence2-x0
31    ∇•𝜑V                     in divergence2-x2
32    V⊗G                   in divergence2-x3
33    ∇•V                         in divergence2-x0
34    ∇•∇×𝜑V                        in divergence2-x1
35    ∇•F                         in divergence2-x2
36    ∇•(G⊗V)           in divergence2-x3
37    ∇•(G×V)                    in divergence2-x4
38    ∇(V•G)                      in gradient2-x3
39    ∇(V•G)                      in gradient3-x3
40    G⊗V                   in outerField3
41    trace(G⊗V)            in traceField3 (entire range)
43    Some of test2 programs do not a vis branch representation.

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