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[diderot] Diff of /branches/lamont/test/sum-reduction/run.sh
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Diff of /branches/lamont/test/sum-reduction/run.sh

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revision 2547, Fri Feb 21 16:47:26 2014 UTC revision 2548, Wed Feb 26 14:22:24 2014 UTC
# Line 29  Line 29 
29  ../../bin/diderotc  --double --target=c --exec sum-reduction.diderot  ../../bin/diderotc  --double --target=c --exec sum-reduction.diderot
30  mv ./sum-reduction sum-reduction-s  mv ./sum-reduction sum-reduction-s
32    cp pvt.r $DIRN/
33    cp speedup.r $DIRN/
34  cd $DIRN  cd $DIRN
36  for i in `seq  1 $STRAND_RUNS`; do  for i in `seq  1 $STRAND_RUNS`; do

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