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[diderot] Diff of /branches/pure-cfg/src/lib/parallel-target/main.c
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Diff of /branches/pure-cfg/src/lib/parallel-target/main.c

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revision 1262, Sat May 28 23:45:43 2011 UTC revision 1263, Sun May 29 00:09:15 2011 UTC
# Line 186  Line 186 
187      Diderot_Options_t *opts = Diderot_OptNew ();      Diderot_Options_t *opts = Diderot_OptNew ();
189      Diderot_OptAddFlag (opts, "verbose", "enable printing of runtime messages", &VerboseFlg);      Diderot_OptAddFlag (opts, "verbose", "enable runtime-system messages", &VerboseFlg);
190      Diderot_OptAddInt (opts, "np", "specify number of threads", &np, true);      Diderot_OptAddInt (opts, "np", "specify number of threads", &np, true);
191      Diderot_RegisterGlobalOpts (opts);      Diderot_RegisterGlobalOpts (opts);
192      Diderot_OptProcess (opts, argc, argv);      Diderot_OptProcess (opts, argc, argv);

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