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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis12/bugs/open/bug027.diderot
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Diff of /branches/vis12/bugs/open/bug027.diderot

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revision 2338, Sat Apr 6 00:00:36 2013 UTC revision 2339, Sat Apr 6 00:01:08 2013 UTC
# Line 11  Line 11 
11  */  */
13  input real isoval = 0.5;  input real isoval = 0.5;
14  /* BUG: it looks like the type promotion from field#2 to field#1  /* BUG: the problem appears to be in maintaining the use count of the field variable.
   doesn't work with subtracting a constant  
15  error converting OffsetField  error converting OffsetField
16  uncaught exception Fail [Fail: bogus operator OffsetField]  uncaught exception Fail [Fail: bogus operator OffsetField]
17    raised at common/phase-timer.sml:76.50-76.52    raised at common/phase-timer.sml:76.50-76.52

Removed from v.2338  
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  Added in v.2339

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