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Fri Sep 20 17:02:35 2013 UTC (8 years, 9 months ago) by jhr
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  manpage for diderotc command; using asciidoc.
:doctype: manpage

diderotc - compiler for the parallel domain-specific language Diderot

*diderotc* ['OPTIONS'] 'FILE'

The diderotc(1) command compiles Diderot source code into either a library
(the default) or stand-alone executable.
The Diderot language is a parallel domain-specific language for image-analysis

*-h, --help*::
  Display a list of command-line options and then exit.
  This list includes additional options used to support development and debugging of
  the compiler.

  Compile the Diderot program to run as a standalone executable.

*-o, --output*='OUTFILE'::
  Use the name 'OUTFILE' as the stem for the generated code files.
  When coupled with the *--exec* flag, 'OUTFILE' will be the name of
  the executable.

  Specify a namespace prefix for generated interface to the Diderot program.
  The default namespace prefix is \texttt{Diderot}.

  Generate code to get a snapshot of strand states (ignored if the *--exec* flag is given).

  Specify the target platform for the generated code.
  The *diderotc* compiler currently supports the following choices for 'TARGET':

    single-threaded sequential implementation.
    parallel implementation for multiprocessors using pthreads.
    parallel implementation for GPUs using OpenCL.

  Note that not all targets are supported by all installations.  Use the *--help* command to
  determine the targets supported by a given instance of the compiler.

  Use double-precision floating-point for the Diderot real type.

*-g, --debug*::
  Enable assertions and debugging information in the generated code and runtime system.

  Emit a log file of the compiler's intermediate representations.
  This option is mainly used to debug the compiler.

  The executables produced by the compiler when using the *--exec* option recognize
  a number of standard options.


  If this environment variable is present, it is used to specify the path
  to the Teem installation.
  The *diderotc* compiler uses this path to find teem executables, libraries, and include
  files that are used during the compilation process.


Maintained by the Diderot project (http://diderot-language.cs.uchicago.edu[]).

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