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Fri Apr 6 14:06:17 2012 UTC (10 years, 1 month ago) by jhr
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  Added chapter for interface
%!TEX root = report.tex

\chapter{Interfacing to a Diderot program}

The Diderot compiler has two modes of operation.
By default, it produces an object file that can be linked into a user's program, but one can
also use the ``\texttt{--exec}'' command-line option to generate a standalone executable.
In this chapter, we describe the interface to a Diderot program in both of these modes.

\section{The Library API}

% namespace
% structure of header file
% world creation
% initializing inputs; descriptions; defaults
% initializing globals
% running the program
% getting outputs
% shutdown

\section{Standalone executables}

% inputs map to command-line options
% outputs map to nrrd files

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