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Mon Apr 16 13:55:40 2012 UTC (10 years, 2 months ago) by jhr
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  Working on documentation
%!TEX root = report.tex

  \Prog{diderotc} --- Diderot compiler
The \Prog{diderotc} command is used to compile Diderot programs.
  \begin{Flag}{\Opt{-h}, \Opt{--help}}
    Display a list of command-line options and then exit.
    This list includes additional options used to support development and debugging of
    the compiler.
    Compile the Diderot program to run as a standalone executable.
  \begin{Flag}{\OptArg{-o}{ outfile}}
    Use the name \Arg{outfile} as the stem for the generated code files.
    When coupled with the \Opt{--exec} flag, \Arg{outfile} will be the name of
    the executable.
    Specify a namespace prefix for generated interface to the Diderot program.
    The default namespace prefix is \texttt{Diderot}.
    Specifies the target platform for the generated code.  The \Prog{diderotc} compiler
    currently supports the following choices for \Arg{tgt}:
      \item[c] --- single-threaded sequential implementation
      \item[pthread] --- parallel implementation for multiprocessors using pthreads
      \item[cl] --- parallel implementation for GPUs using OpenCL
    Use double-precision floating-point for the Diderot real type.
  \begin{Flag}{\Opt{-g}, \Opt{--debug}}
    Enable assertions and debugging information in the generated code and runtime system.
    Emit a log file of the compiler's intermediate representations.
    This option is mainly used to debug the compiler.
  The executables produced by the compiler when using the \Opt{--exec} option recognize
  a number of options.

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