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[diderot] View of /branches/vis12/rtest2/notes.txt
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View of /branches/vis12/rtest2/notes.txt

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Revision 2863 - (download) (annotate)
Wed Feb 4 04:37:33 2015 UTC (6 years, 7 months ago) by cchiw
File size: 856 byte(s)
added rtest2
The files that live in "tests" are checked with "expected.nrrd" created in the vis branch.
					tests files
G×V					in crossField3-x0
V×V					in crossField3-x1
∇×V					in curl2-x0  		curl3-x0
∇×∇𝜑					in curl2-x1 		curl3-x1
∇×(G+V)					in curl2-x2 		curl3-x2
∇×sV					in curl3-x3
G•V					in dotField2		 dotField3
∇𝜑					in gradient2-x0 	gradient3-x0
∇(𝜑+𝜑)					in gradient-x1 		gradient3-x1
∇(𝜑0*𝜑1)				in gradient-x2 		gradient3-x2
∇⊗∇⊗G					in hessian2 
∇⊗G				        in jacob2 
∇•∇𝜑					in laplac-x0
∇•∇(𝜑0*𝜑1)				in laplac-x1
  => tr(∇⊗∇𝜑1)𝜑0+tr(∇⊗∇𝜑0)𝜑1+(2*∇𝜑1)•∇𝜑0
G⊗V					in outerField 
tr(G⊗V)					in traceField3d traceFiel2d-x1  traceField2d-x1b 

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