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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis12/src/include/Diderot/options.h
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Diff of /branches/vis12/src/include/Diderot/options.h

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revision 1723, Mon Mar 12 20:49:26 2012 UTC revision 1724, Mon Mar 12 20:50:12 2012 UTC
# Line 37  Line 37 
38  void Diderot_OptProcess (Diderot_Options_t *dopts, int argc, const char **argv);  void Diderot_OptProcess (Diderot_Options_t *dopts, int argc, const char **argv);
 //! function generated by the compiler for registering the options used to initialize globals  
 void Diderot_RegisterGlobalOpts (Diderot_Options_t *dopts);  
 // standard options  
 extern bool     VerboseFlg;     //! true if running in verbose mode  
 extern bool     TimingFlg;      //! true if timing computation  
 extern bool     NrrdOutputFlg;  //! true if output is in Nrrd format  
40  #endif /* !_DIDEROT_OPTIONS_H_ */  #endif /* !_DIDEROT_OPTIONS_H_ */

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