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[diderot] Diff of /branches/vis15/configure.ac
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Diff of /branches/vis15/configure.ac

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revision 3419, Fri Nov 13 01:23:11 2015 UTC revision 3420, Fri Nov 13 02:53:23 2015 UTC
# Line 575  Line 575 
575  dnl  doc/Makefile  dnl  doc/Makefile
576  dnl  doc/man/Makefile  dnl  doc/man/Makefile
577  dnl  src/clinfo/Makefile  dnl  src/clinfo/Makefile
578  dnl  src/compiler/Makefile    src/compiler/Makefile
579  dnl  src/lib/build/Makefile  dnl  src/lib/build/Makefile
580  dnl  src/lib/build/mk/build.gmk:src/lib/build/mk/build_gmk.in  dnl  src/lib/build/mk/build.gmk:src/lib/build/mk/build_gmk.in
581  dnl  test/MIP/Makefile  dnl  test/MIP/Makefile

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