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[diderot] View of /branches/vis15/src/tests/ertest/notes.txt
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View of /branches/vis15/src/tests/ertest/notes.txt

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Revision 3588 - (download) (annotate)
Thu Jan 14 15:25:22 2016 UTC (5 years, 10 months ago) by jhr
File size: 1809 byte(s)
adding tests to merge branch
added mulSTTests are in files "tests" and test2". They are separated based on how they checked for correctness.
The files that live in "tests" are checked with "out.nrrd" created in the vis branch.
The files that live in "tests2" are checked with "out.txt" to see if the output has changed. 
tests files

G×V			in crossField3-x0
V×V			in crossField3-x1
∇×V			in curl2-x0  		curl3-x0
∇×∇𝜑			in curl2-x1 		curl3-x1
∇×G+∇×V			in curl2-x2 		curl3-x2
∇×sV			in curl3-x3
G•V			in dotField2
G•V		 	in dotField3
∇𝜑			in gradient2-x0 	gradient3-x0
∇(𝜑+𝜑)			in gradient-x1 		gradient3-x1
∇(𝜑*𝜑)			in gradient-x2 		gradient3-x2
∇⊗V2		       in jacob2
∇⊗∇⊗G			in hessian2 
∇⊗∇𝜑		       in H-ddro
∇•∇𝜑			in laplac-x0
∇•∇(𝜑*𝜑)		in laplac-x1
∇f/|∇f|		       in n-ddro-k3
G⊗V			in outerField 
trace(G⊗V)		in traceField3d traceFiel2d-x1  traceField2d-x1b 

test2 files
G×V		    	in crossField2
∇(∇×∇𝜑)		       in curl2-x6
∇(∇×V)		       in curl2-x7
∇×∇×V			in curl3-x4
∇×(G×V)			in curl3-x5
∇•V 		        in divergence2-x0
∇•𝜑V			in divergence2-x2
V⊗G			in divergence2-x3
∇•V 			in divergence2-x0
∇•∇×𝜑V		        in divergence2-x1
∇•F 			in divergence2-x2
∇•(G⊗V) 		in divergence2-x3
∇•(G×V)			in divergence2-x4
∇(V•G) 			in gradient2-x3
∇(V•G)			in gradient3-x3
G⊗V 			in outerField3
trace(G⊗V) 		in traceField3
(a×b)×c			in crossTen3-x0
a×(b×c)			in crossTen3-x1
(a×b)×(c×d)		in crossTen3-x2
(a×b)•(c×d)		in crossTen3-x3

Some of test2 programs do not a vis branch representation.

V⋅(∇× V)		dot-curl3-x0
 ∇|∇V|			gmiso2d
∇|∇s|			grad-magnitude2
∇⊗∇|∇s|			hessian-magnitude2
|(∇(∇•∇V)|		lapliso2d

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