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Revision 944 - (download) (annotate)
Thu Oct 4 13:38:32 2001 UTC (20 years, 11 months ago) by macqueen
File size: 1746 byte(s)
Initial revision
Probably Flint related
856. [zhong] unique constructors not representationally transparent
1396. [Zhong] uncaught exception ltUnbound (secondary error)
1453. [dbm, Zhong] Compiler bug: LtyExtern: incorrect lambda types in lt_select
1467. [Zhong] Looping functions fail in FLINT
1470. [dbm, Zhong] compilation blowup (in FLINT?)
1484. [Zhong] reorder optimization disabled by FLINT
1485. [Zhong] quadratic(?) blowup compiling long sequence of val bindings
1491. [Zhong] Polymorphic Computation Too Slow
1492. [Zhong] Compile-time performance problem with long list value
1528. [Zhong] Compiler bug: LtyKernel: unexpected TC_FIX freevars in tc_aux
1535. [] Large ml-yacc generated file fails to compile on HP-UX
1537. [Zhong, Stefan, Lal, Allen] compiler blowup with large andalso expression
1567. [dbm,Zhong] Error: Compiler bug: InlInfo: Wrong field in INL_STR !
1570. [Zhong, Stefan] RecoverLty exception
1580. [dbm, Zhong] uncaught exception ltUnbound
1596. [Zhong, dbm] TransTypes: unexpected FORMAL kind in tycTyc-h

Maybe Flint related
1193. [Zhong] Memory leak due to ref cells
1233. [Zhong?] funny printing of multiple bindings in a declaration
1309. [Zhong, Andrew] SML/NJ not safe for space
1323. [Zhong, Andrew] "uncaught exception RegMap" on hppa
1360. [Zhong?] uncaught exception FPRegEA (or RegMap)
1382. [Zhong?] space leak in CML
1534. [Zhong, dbm, ?] polymorphic equality for concrete eqtypes ...
1539. [jhr, Zhong] Array equality uses polyEqual

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