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Fri Feb 15 21:28:27 2002 UTC (20 years, 5 months ago) by mblume
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added README for 110.39
<title>SML/NJ 110.39 NEWS</title>
			S  M  L   /   N  J

                  1  1  0  .  3  9      N  E  W  S
  		         February 15, 2002


  	This version is intended for compiler hackers. The 
	version ought to be stable, however we have not run
	our full regression testing.


<dd>Important bug fixes, improvements to libraries, FFI generator,
    and installer.</dd>




<li>Important bug fixes.  (Isabelle now compiles again on the x86.)</i>
<li>Compilers that generate assembly code may produce  global labels 
    whose value is resolved at link time. The various peephole optimization
    modules did not take this in account.
    TODO: The Labels.addrOf function should really return an option
    type so that clients are forced to deal with this issue, rather
    than an exception being raised.</li>
<li>Some internal reorganization.</li>
<li>c-calls API changed: accept a client-callback for allocating
    extra stack space.  TODO: x86 version currently ignores it.</li>

<li>Fixed bug in sparc-ccalls.</li>


<li>Added missing implementations for List.collate and Option.app.</li>

<h4>SML/NJ library:</h4>

<li>Added priority queue implementation to smlnj-lib.cm.</li>


Various improvements to ml-nlffigen:

<li>improved name encoding scheme that avoids most "global" gensym
<li>don't write over files unless their contents would change</li>
<li>implemented a "repository" mechanism for dealing with "incomplete
     pointers" that are to be shared between different runs of
<li>"-match" option requires an exact match now</li>
<li>improved internal datastructures, resulting in slight speedup</li>
<li>bug fixes</li>


<li>A new PID (persistent ID) generation scheme is place.  This
     fixes the long-standing (but little-known) problem that it was
     possible to defeat ML's type abstractions because types in
     different compilation units could be mistaken for one another.
     See the HISTORY file and click <a
     for more information.<li>


<li>Installation instructions added (file INSTALL).</li>
<li>Syntax in config/targets changed.</li>
<li>Installer automatically satisfies inter-target dependencies.</li>
<li>Build hash-cons-lib.cm if smlnj-lib was selected.</li>
<li>Installer can run in "quiet" mode.</li>
<li>Bug fixes.</li>


<li>Added functions CM.State.showBindings and EnvRef.listBoundSymbols
for exploring available toplevel bindings.</li>


<li>GenSML.gen now makes generation of topl-level "local" optional
    (because it is not Standard ML).</li>
<li>bug fixes in "nowhere" tool</li>


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