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Tue May 19 13:48:46 2020 UTC (16 months, 1 week ago) by jhr
File size: 2082 byte(s)
  move images/icons to images subdirectory (and fix all of the paths
  in the HTML files).  Removed a coupld of unused images and added
  a new logo that is a PNG file with a transparent background.
<!-- Copyright (c) 1996 Lucent Technologies; Bell Laboratories -->

  <TITLE>SML/NJ Contributors</TITLE>
<!-- Changed by: Lal George, 28-Feb-1996 -->
<BODY BGCOLOR="ffffff">
<H1>Contributors to SML/NJ</H1>

    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Stephen Adams
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>William Aitken
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Lars Bergstrom
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Peter Bertelsen
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Nikolaj Bjorner
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Bruce F. Duba
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Adam T. Dingle
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Doug Currie
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Soren Christiansen
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Kenneth Cline
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Pierre Cregut
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Damien Doligez
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Scott Draves
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Georges Gonthier
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Florent Guillaume
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Yngvi Guttesen
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Ivan Hajadi
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Trevor Jim
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Andrew Kennedy
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>George Kuan
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Mark Leone
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Mark Lillibridge
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>James S. Mattson
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Greg Morrisett
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>George Necula
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Dino Oliva
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>James W. O'Toole
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Mikael Pettersson
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Mike Rainey
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Norman Ramsey
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Gene Rollins
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Nick Rothwell
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Peter Sestoft
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Konrad Slind
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Walid Taha
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>David R. Tarditi
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Mads Tofte
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Andrew P. Tolmach
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Daniel Wang
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Peter Weinberger
    <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT>Thomas Yan

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