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Diff of /pages/trunk/dist/working/110.54/MACOSXINSTALL

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revision 1801, Thu May 19 02:34:43 2005 UTC revision 1802, Thu May 19 03:24:34 2005 UTC
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1  Installation instructions for SML/NJ under MacOS X  Installation instructions for SML/NJ under MacOS X
2  --------------------------------------------------  --------------------------------------------------
4  To install SML/NJ under MacOS X on a machine that has the developer  We now provide a disk image containing an installer package
5  tools installed (i.e., which has a working C compiler), refer to  for SML/NJ.  The package contains a full installation
6  our generic instructions in file INSTALL.  including nearly all optional components.  (We only
7    exclude "mlrisc-tools" and "nowhere".)  In the near
8    future we plan to provide a meta-package which lets
9    users select the components to be installed.
11  For people without developer tools on their MacOS X box we prepared  The current installer lets the user choose an installation
12  a disk image that contains a pre-compiled runtime system.  To install,  root directory.  The default is /usr/local/smlnj.
13  download the image, mount it, and copy its contents (a directory named  The SML/NJ-specific "bin" directory containing the
14  smlnj-xxx.xxx) to some location of your choice.  (The name smlnj-xxx.xxx  "sml" command and its siblings is not automatically
15  is not important -- you can change it or simply copy the contents of  added to the shell's search path, though.
 this directory into some other directory.)  
17  At this point you should have some directory, e.g., /Users/joe/smlnj,  When using the installer package (even in the case
18  that contains two subdirectories named "config" and "bin".  Open a  when the installation directory is not the default
19  terminal (or xterm if you have X11), cd to /Users/joe/smlnj  /usr/local/smlnj) it is NOT necessary to set any
20  and follow the instructions in file INSTALL beginning *after* the  global environment variables such as SMLNJ_HOME.
 point where it asks you to gunzip and untar config.tgz.  
22  For example, if you are in a hurry and have good network connectivity,  ----
 simply edit config/targets and then run config/install.sh.  
24  Once the installer finishes, you only need to keep the "bin" and "lib"  When developer tools are present on a MacOS X machine,
25  subdirectories.  You can move them wherever you like (together!) as  then it is also always possible to do a generic install
26  long as you set the variable SMLNJ_HOME to the name of the directory  (see file INSTALL).
 that holds them.  

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