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Fri May 25 23:03:44 2007 UTC (14 years, 4 months ago) by dbm
File size: 1542 byte(s)
edited heap2exec page, eliminated a couple more bell-labs urls

heap2exec is a simple utility for building stand-alone
executables from SML/NJ heap images.
heap2exec wraps the binary smlnj runtime image and an smlnj heap image
into one executable image.
heap2exec is a shell script that makes use of the heap2asm tool.
The heap2asm tool is installed in the smlnj bin directory when
running config/install.sh if heap2asm is specified in config/targets.
heap2asm is not installed by default because it only works for
ppc-unix (Mac OS X) and x86-unix (Mac OS X, linux, etc.)
The source code for heap2asm is in the file 
<a href="http://www.smlnj.org/dist/working/current/heap2asm.tgz">
heap2asm.tgz</a> in the release distributions.

Given an heap image, say foo.ppc-unix, produced by either 
<a href="../SMLofNJ/pages/smlnj.html#SIG:SML_OF_NJ.exportFn:VAL">
or <A HREF="../SMLofNJ/pages/smlnj.html#SIG:SML_OF_NJ.exportML:VAL">
SMLofNJ.exportML</A> or by the ml-build command (see CM manual),
heap2exec foo.ppc-unix foo
will produce an executable file foo.
Currently heap2exec is supported on ppc-unix (Mac OS X), and x86-unix.

    <address><a href="mailto:dbm@cs.uchicago.edu">Dave MacQueen</a></address>
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