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Diff of /pages/trunk/new.html

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revision 963, Wed Oct 17 09:04:01 2001 UTC revision 964, Wed Oct 17 09:51:57 2001 UTC
# Line 10  Line 10 
10  </center>  </center>
11  <HR width="30%">  <HR width="30%">
13    <A name="SF-mirror">
14    <H3>SML/NJ web site now mirrored at SourceForge</H3>
15    <blockquote>
16    The master copy of the SML/NJ web pages is now kept in the CVS
17    repository of the smlnj SourceForge project (see <a
18    href="#sourceforge">previous item on SourceForge projects</a>).  The
19    <a href="http:/cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/what/smlnj">Bell-Labs-hosted
20    site</a> is now joined by
21    <a href="http://www.smlnj.org">www.smlnj.org</a>,
22    which mirrors the same pages from the repository.
23    </blockquote>
25  <A name="macosx">  <A name="macosx">
26  <H3>Working version 110.33 supports Mac OS X and experimentat FFI</H3>  <H3>Working version 110.33 supports Mac OS X and experimentat FFI</H3>
27  <blockquote>  <blockquote>

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