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[smlnj] Diff of /pages/trunk/new.html
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Diff of /pages/trunk/new.html

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revision 1709, Fri Nov 19 23:53:50 2004 UTC revision 1710, Sat Nov 20 04:15:23 2004 UTC
# Line 172  Line 172 
173  <blockquote>  <blockquote>
175  <a name="110.50">The lastes working version</a> (<a  <a name="110.51">The lastest working version</a> (<a
176  href="dist/working/110.50/110.50-README.html">110.50</a>) provides  href="dist/working/110.51/110.51-README.html">110.51</a>) adds an
177  bugfixes to NLFFI on x86, improves support for back-tracing, adds a  (inefficient) implementation of 64-bit integer arithmetic to its <a
178  simple test coverage tool, and assorted enhancements to other parts of  name="110.50">predecessor</a> (<a
179  the system.  href="dist/working/110.50/110.50-README.html">110.50</a>) which
180  <a name="110.49">The previous <a  provided bugfixes to NLFFI on x86, improved support for back-tracing,
181    added a simple test coverage tool and had minor improvements
182    to other parts of the system.
183    <a name="110.49">The earlier <a
184  href="dist/working/110.49/110.49-README.html">110.49</a></a> came <a  href="dist/working/110.49/110.49-README.html">110.49</a></a> came <a
185  name="110.48">hot on the heels of</a> <a  name="110.48">hot on the heels of</a> <a
186  href="dist/working/110.48/110.48-README.html">110.48</a>.  href="dist/working/110.48/110.48-README.html">110.48</a>.
187  These two versions are bugfix  These two versions were bugfix
188  releases on <a href="dist/working/110.47/110.47-README.html">110.47</a>,  releases on <a href="dist/working/110.47/110.47-README.html">110.47</a>,
189  which featured a preliminary implementation of the NLFFI foreign  which featured a preliminary implementation of the NLFFI foreign
190  function  function

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