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  <TITLE>SML/NJ --- What's new?</TITLE>
<!-- Changed by: Andrew Appel,  5-Dec-1997 -->
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<H1>What's new?</H1>
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<A name="macosx">
<H3>Working version 110.33 supports Mac OS X and experimentat FFI</H3>
The recently released 
<A HREF="NEWS/110.33-README.html">110.33</A>
working version runs under Mac OS X.  It also introduces Matthias Blume's new,
experimental FFI, NLFFI ("No-Longer Foreign Function Interface").
Currently NLFFI is available only under x86-linux, but it is being
ported to other architectures.

<A name="smlnj.exe">
<H3>New 110.0.7 smlnj.exe works on Windows 9X</H3>
The original version of the Windows installer, smlnj.exe, for 110.0.7
had a problem when running under Windows 95/98/ME that caused error messages
abound undefined strings like PRODUCT_NAME.  This problem has been
corrected in a new 
<a href="ftp://ftp.research.bell-labs.com/dist/smlnj/release/110/smlnj.exe">smlnj.exe</a>
now available in the usual 110.0.7
<a href="ftp://ftp.research.bell-labs.com/dist/smlnj/release/110/">
ftp</a> and 
<a href="http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/what/smlnj/dist">http</a>
distribution directories.  
This new smlnj.exe (as of 23 March 01) also corrects a problem where
installation only set the user PATH and CM_PATH environment variables.
Now the installer sets these variables at the system level for all
users.  Installation must be done from an administrator account.

<A name="sourceforge">
<H3>New Standard ML and SML/NJ SourceForge projects</H3>
Two new SML-related projects have been started at SourceForge, a site
and organization supporting collaborative development of open-source
software.  The 
<A href="http://www.standardml.org">Standard ML (sml)</A> project at
<A HREF="http://www.standardml.org">www.standardml.org</A> supports
all Standard ML implementations by encouraging sharing of resources
such as test suites, benchmarks, libraries, and documentaion.  The
<A href="http://www.smlnj.org">Standard ML of New Jersey (smlnj)</A>
project at <A HREF="http://www.smlnj.org">www.smlnj.org</A>
is intended to be the future home of SML/NJ (including web
pages, releases, CVS repository, etc.).

<A name="prog-smlnj">
<H3>New SML/NJ tutorial by Riccardo Pucella</H3>
<A HREF="mailto:riccardo@cs.cornell.edu">Riccardo Pucella</a> has
written an extensive new tutorial,
<a href="http://www.cs.cornell.edu/riccardo/smlnj.html"> <strong>Notes on
Programming SML/NJ</strong></a>, which is available as <A
or <A
This is a first draft of the Notes, and Riccardo welcomes corrections
and suggestions.

<A name="sml-mode">
<H3>New version of sml-mode added to contrib/emacs</H3>
<A HREF="mailto:monnier@cs.yale.edu">Stefan Monnier's</a> latest
version, 3.9.5, of the sml-mode package for emacs has been added to the
<A HREF="ftp://ftp.research.bell-labs.com/dist/smlnj/contrib/emacs">contrib/emacs</A>

<A name="110.0.7">
<H3>Patch Release 110.0.7</H3> </A>
A new minor release version <a href="NEWS/110-README.html">110.0.7</a>
is now available.  This is the sixth patch release for version 110
(110.0.4 was not released).  This patch release fixes a long-standing
bug in signal handling.  It also includes a number of SML/NJ Library
enhancements and fixes and some fixes to CM and eXene, and a small
number of other bug fixes.  See the
<a href="NEWS/110-PATCH-HISTORY">110-PATCH-HISTORY</a> file for
With this release, we are also making the distribution files available
for download via http as well as ftp.  See the
<a href="dist/110.0.7.html">110.0.7 distribution page</a>.
[<strong>Note:</strong> The original smlnj.exe installer for Windows
had incorrect CM tool paths.  This has been corrected by a new
smlnj.exe as of October 18, 2000.]

<A name="Version-111">
<H3>Plans for the next release (Version 111)</H3> </A>
Meanwhile, work
continues on the next release, which we hope to have ready for a
beta release "real soon now".
The next release will not contain any major language
or Basis library changes, but there will be major internal changes,
<LI>A new runtime system with improved management of virtual memory.
<LI>New support for foreign functions (C) based on IDL.
<LI>Conformance with the soon to be published SML Basis spec.
<LI>MLRISC code generators for all architectures.
<LI>The FLINT representation has partially replaced the old cps
representation in the back end.
In addition, there will be a couple significant language extensions:
lazy datatypes and lazy functions over such datatypes, functional
record concatenation (a "with" operation), and mutable records whose
fields can be updated.
<p> Most features of Version 111 are implemented in current working
versions.  The main missing elements are the new runtime system and
a MIPS code generator.

<H3><A HREF="software.html#SOFTWARE:WORKING-VERSIONS">Working Versions</A></H3>
<A name="110.36">
The latest working version is <A HREF="NEWS/110.36-README.html">110.36</A>.
It fixes a few important bugs.  Like <A HREF="NEWS/110.35-README">110.35</A>,
it is based on a new organization of compiler source code into CM libraries,
runs under the new Mac OS X, includes Matthias Blume's new, experimental FFI
(NLFFI) for x86-linux and supports CML as well as eXene.
Since working version 110.9.1, major internal changes have been
implemented and many changes are still in progress.  Version
<A HREF="NEWS/110.12-README">110.12</A> introduced fundamental
changes in array, vector and string representations and a new garbage
collector interface.  Extensive changes have also been made to the
ML-RISC code generators.
<p> Starting with <A HREF="NEWS/110.20-README.html">110.20</A>, a
major overhaul of the CM compilation manager has been in progress,
accompanied with a reorganization of the compiler itself into a set
of libraries.
The next working release will incorporate an updated version of the
FLINT middle end.  At this point, we will change the way the code is
managed by having a publically accessible CVS repository at Yale.
As usual, use the working versions at your own risk.  Some working
versions incorporate substantial changes that reduce stability and
introduce bugs.

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