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<!-- Copyright (c) 1996 Lucent Technologies; Bell Laboratories -->
<!-- Changed by: John Reppy, 19-Dec-1997 -->
<!-- Changed by: Andrew Appel,  5-Dec-1997 -->
<!-- Changed by: Dave MacQueen, 21-Apr-1997 -->
<!-- Changed by: Lal George, 28-Oct-1996 -->


<BODY BGCOLOR="ffffff">
<H1>Standard ML '97</H1>
<a href="sml.html">Standard ML</a> was proposed in 1983, designed from '84-'88,
and defined in
<a href="http://mitpress.mit.edu/book-home.tcl?isbn=0262631326"><I>Definition
of Standard ML</I>
(Milner, Tofte, Harper, MIT Press, 1990)</a>.
Standard ML '97 is 
a modest revision (and simplification) of the language,
defined in <a href="http://mitpress.mit.edu/book-home.tcl?isbn=0262631814"><I>The Definition of Standard ML
(Revised)</I> (Milner, Tofte, Harper, MacQueen, MIT Press, 1997)</a>.
The name of the revised language remains "Standard ML", but we also
refer to it as "Standard ML '97" or "SML '97" to distinguish it
from the 1990 version, which can be referred to as  "SML '90".
At the same time, the new
<A HREF="doc/basis/index.html">
<I>SML Basis Library</I></A> is added to the
specification of the language.  
The new basis library is intended to support a wide range of systems
and applications programming: it specifies
a broad collection of predefined modules that provide basic types,
input/output facilities, and interfaces for interacting with the
host operating system in a portable way.
The highlights of the language changes in SML '97 are given below.
For much more detail on the changes, and suggestions on how to convert
SML '90 code to run under SML '97, see the <a
href="doc/Conversion/index.html">SML '97 Conversion Guide</a>.

The principal language changes in <B>SML '97</B> are:

<em>The elimination of imperative type variables</em>.  The role of
imperative type variables in constraining polymorphism in the presence
of effects is now played by the <em>value restriction</em>, which
allows the type of a val binding to be generalized only when the right
hand side is an expression in a restricted form called a <em>value
expression</em>.  A value expression is either a constant, a variable,
a function expression (i.e. a lambda expression) or is built from
these elements using products and constructions.

<p> <li>

<em>The elimination of structure sharing</em>.  Type sharing is still
available, and the structure sharing notation remains, but is
interpreted in a weaker sense, as an indirect way of expressing type
sharing.  The role of type sharing is restricted somewhat so as not
to conflict with type definitions.


<em>The addition of type definitions in signatures</em>.  There is
also a new <em>where type</em> notation that allows one to modify an
existing signature by adding definitions for its type components.
New forms of datatype specifications and definitions allow a datatype
to be defined to be the same as an existing datatype.


A <A
HREF="doc/Conversion/index.html"> SML '97 Conversion Guide</A>
covers the issues of converting programs from
SML/NJ 0.93 to SML '97 (SML/NJ 110).  A useful conversion aid is the
<A HREF="doc/Conversion/top-level-comparison.html">
Top Level Environment Comparison</A>,
which summarizes the differences between the top level environments of
SML/NJ 0.93 (which is assumed by some older textbooks) and the new SML
'97 (SML/NJ 110) top level.  Full documentation for the
<A HREF="doc/basis/index.html">Basis Library</A>
is available online.

<h4>Text Books</h4>
The following new editions of ML programming textbooks describe SML '97.
<a href="http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/users/lcp/MLbook/">Paulson's <i>ML for the Working Programmer (2nd edition)</i></a>
<a href="http://www-db.stanford.edu/~ullman/emlp.html">Ullman's
	<i>Elements of ML Programming (ML97 Edition)</i></a>
<dt><a href="index.html">Standard ML of New Jersey</a><dd>
The new 
<a href="NEWS/110-README.html">SML/NJ version 110</a> implements SML '97.
<dt><a href="http://www.harlequin.com/products/ads/ml/">Harlequin ML Works</a><dd>
A commercial implementation featuring a graphical development environment.
<dt><a href="http://www.dina.kvl.dk/~sestoft/mosml.html">Moscow ML</a>
<dd>A lightweight implementation that does not support the SML module system
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