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[smlnj] Diff of /pages/trunk/software.html
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Diff of /pages/trunk/software.html

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revision 2615, Fri May 25 22:45:11 2007 UTC revision 2616, Fri May 25 23:03:44 2007 UTC
# Line 136  Line 136 
136  <dd> Various software tools, including:  <dd> Various software tools, including:
137  <ul>  <ul>
138  <li> <a href="doc/heap2exec/index.html">heap2exec</a>,  <li> <a href="doc/heap2exec/index.html">heap2exec</a>,
139  Lorenz Huelsbergen's "heap2exec" utility for building Unix  A "heap2exec" utility for building Unix
140  executables from heap images and the SML/NJ runtime executable. </li>  executables from heap images and the SML/NJ runtime executable.
141    (This replaces Lorenz Huelsbergen's original heap2exec utility.) </li>
142  </ul>  </ul>
143  <p> </p>  <p> </p>
144  </dd>  </dd>

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