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[smlnj] View of /sml/branches/SMLNJ/src/eXene/sources.cm
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View of /sml/branches/SMLNJ/src/eXene/sources.cm

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Revision 29 - (download) (annotate)
Thu Mar 12 01:05:59 1998 UTC (24 years, 6 months ago) by monnier
File size: 3009 byte(s)
*** empty log message ***
(* root sources file for eXene *)


  (** from lib **)
    signature GEOMETRY
    signature EXENE_BASE
    signature FONT
    signature DRAWING
    signature ICCC
    signature INTERACT
    signature EXENE_WIN
    signature STD_CURSOR

    structure Geometry
    structure EXeneBase
    structure Font
    structure Drawing
    structure ICCC
    structure Interact
    structure EXeneWin
    structure StdCursor
    structure XDebug
    structure MLXError

  (** from graph-util **)
    signature BITMAP_IO
    signature ELLIPSE
    signature ROUNDED_RECT
    signature SPLINE
    signature REGION
    signature X_AUTH
    signature COLOR_SPACE
    signature GET_DPY

    structure BitmapIO
    structure Ellipse
    structure RoundedRect
    structure Spline
    structure Region
    structure XAuth
    structure ColorSpace
    structure GetDpy

  (** from widgets **)
    signature ROOT
    signature SHELL
    signature WIDGET
    signature ROUTER
    signature THREE_D
    signature QUARK
    signature ATTRS
    signature FIELD_EDIT
    signature STREDIT
    signature TEXT_WIDGET
    signature TXTWIN
    signature VTTY
    signature BACKGROUND
    signature BOX
    signature FRAME
    signature HIDEABLE
    signature MENU_BUTTON
    signature PILE
    signature SCROLL_LAYOUT
    signature SCROLL_PORT
    signature SHAPE
    signature SIMPLE_MENU
    signature VIEWPORT
    signature WIDGET_SET
    signature BUTTON_CTRL
    signature BUTTON_VIEW
    signature BUTTON
    signature CANVAS
    signature COLOR_RECT
    signature DIVIDER
    signature LABEL
    signature MESSAGE
    signature SCROLL_VIEW
    signature SCROLLBAR
    signature SHAPE_VIEW
    signature SLIDER
    signature TEXT_LIST
    signature TOGGLE_CTRL
    signature TOGGLE

    structure Root
    structure Router
    structure Shell
    structure Widget
    structure ThreeD
    structure Attrs
    structure RunEXene
    structure Quark
    structure Styles
    structure FieldEdit
    structure StrEdit
    structure TextWidget
    structure TxtWin
    structure Vtty
    structure Background
    structure Box
    structure Hideable
    structure MenuButton
    structure Frame
    structure Pile
    structure ScrollLayout
    structure ScrollPort
    structure Shape
    structure SimpleMenu
    structure Viewport
    structure WidgetSet
    structure ArrowView
    structure ButtonBase
    structure ButtonType
    structure Button
    structure Canvas
    structure CheckView
    structure CircleView
    structure ColorRect
    structure DiamondView
    structure Divider
    structure LabelBttnView
    structure Label
    structure Message
    structure RectView
    structure ScrollView
    structure Scrollbar
    structure ShapeTypes
    structure Slider
    structure SwitchView
    structure TextList
    structure TextView
    structure ToggleType
    structure Toggle

    functor ButtonCtrl
    functor ToggleCtrl
    functor ShapeView


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